Brand New Lace! Which is YOUR Favorite? (USA)

We just can't decide on our favorite lace...

Get ready for some of the finest bridal lace you have ever seen! Our (extremely lucky) fabric-sourcing team have once again arrived back from their traveling round the globe and, after checking out literally 1000s of fabrics of every style and color, have chosen just EIGHT to add to our exclusive collection. Which will be YOUR favorite…?

These new bridal laces are beyond new - they’re not even available yet! Our team arrived back with the shortlist and each had to be personally approved by our couture bridal stylists. Now our orders are in and work has commenced so you can pre-order TODAY and be guaranteed your favorite new fabric in time for your Summer 2016 wedding.

Here we present to you the first selection of laces that have joined our eclectic range - we can’t decide on our favorite at all… can YOU?

Shelley - Ivory Embroidered Sequin Lace

Here the designer has taken an ivory tulle base and, seemingly deciding that it needs some heavy embellishment, has gone wild with a rich and extremely-lustrous yarn, creating a floral design the takes our breath away! A light dusting of magical sequins is all that’s needed to make this lace a work of art.

Bennedetta - Ivory Beaded Lace

Another highly embellished lace, this is an unusual choice for a bride with unique and fashionable tastes. Asymmetric edges ensure that everybody will notice you and the beads and pearls used to decorate the floral embroidery will keep their attention for much longer than a casual glance. A different design sharing the name will be available in black for the more daring brides among you - perfect for making honeymoon wear!

Beatrice - Ivory Beaded & Embroidered Lace

Another one with that hot trend - non-matching edges - Beatrice delivers pure glam. One side is gently scalloped while the other is more dramatically contoured, providing an interesting frame for the refined beads, rich embroidery, glittering sequins and luxurious pearls that vie for attention.

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