Brand New Bridal Lace for a Brand New Year!

Brand New Bridal Lace for a Brand New Year!

New online fabrics for 2021
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If you feel that the end of 2020 can't come fast enough then you're certainly not alone! The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives and everyone is looking forward to a better, brighter 2021. What better way to welcome in the new year than by planning the wedding gown (or wedding gowns, if you're a designer or dressmaker) of your dreams?

Bridal Fabrics is pleased and excited to announce that we will soon be making a superb selection of new wedding fabric available for purchase. We're looking forward to the new season with a collection of lovely light designs and this edition of our blog offers a sneaky peek into what's on the way. Enjoy!

Rose: Ivory Embroidered Lace

As you can instantly ascertain from the name of this ivory lace, it is decorated with stunningly-embroidered rose motifs all over its generous width. Simple yet sophisticated, subtle yet striking, Rose wedding dress lace is a fabulously-feminine choice.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Rose

Arlo: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Welcome the summer early with this most elegant of dress fabrics online. Onto a super-light tulle base, our designer has embroidered an ornate design of abstract floral motifs.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Arlo

Yara: Ivory Embroidered Lace

In the excitingly-colorful tales of Brazilian mythology, Yara (sometimes spelled Iara but pronounced the same), was a goddess said to possess the most supreme beauty and that's just how you'll feel when wearing this extraordinary wedding dress lace. Decidedly-delicate, Yara wedding lace online features eye-catching geometric flowers.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Yara

Cortina: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Tasteful and refined, Cortina begins with an attractive light tulle coloured in a beautiful ivory tone. Onto this, our designer has embroidered a sweeping pattern of graceful swirls.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Cortina

Triana: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Triana is simply delightful, emblazoned with a mesmeric pattern of lightly-embroidered abstract snowflake shapes linked by leaves and flower buds. You want effortless elegance? You've got it!

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Triana

Gail: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Another ivory lace that evokes long, relaxed summer evenings, Gail harmoniously combines the classic with the contemporary. If you're a fashion-forward bride or designer, then this wedding dress lace should definitely make your shortlist.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Gail

All of these wedding fabrics online will be available to purchase from January 2021 from our online fabric shop though you are free to place a pre-order if you wish. We also have limited samples available and you can order any two of these without charge from the relevant product page. If you'd like to be kept updated, please subscribe to our regular, feature-packed newsletter. 

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