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Ivory Embroidered Lace

It’s time for an exclusive sneak preview of the newest bridal laces to be added to our collection - these couture fabrics are so new that they aren’t even available yet! We are now taking priority pre-orders for these delightful designs so get yours in today and start anticipating Summer 2016 when your personalised package will arrive…

As our social media followers and regular visitors to our website will know, Bridal Fabrics employ a talented and creative fabric-sourcing team who get to jet around the world to prestigious locations, examining the latest fabrics and selecting the very finest to bring back home and add to our collection. On their travels, they see literally thousands of examples of wedding dress material from the grand to the grotesque - only the choicest pieces pass their critical visual and tactile tests and just EIGHT have made it through this time.

Here, in Part 1 of a special 2-part article, we present these brand new bridal laces to you - each can be pre-ordered now in time for the coming summer.

Cassandra - Ivory Embroidered Lace

A bold lattice is the background for this dramatic lace, providing the ideal counterpoint to the swirling embellishments of leaves that form the main design. Matching edges give a sense of completeness to this bridal lace, which has a subtly-formal vintage appeal.

Tamara - Ivory Embroidered Laser Lace

An exciting choice, this stunning wedding lace features classy floral embroidery teamed with laser-cut Georgette fabric, appliqued for the most attractive finish. The design catches the eye with its alternating, sinuous bands but the centrepiece of Tamara lace is surely the large flower, measuring a full 9cm across.

Aisha - Ivory Corded Lace

Beautiful feminine elegance exudes from most examples of corded lace and Aisha is certainly no exception. A classic floral design stands out from an ephemeral ivory tulle backing, highlighted subtly yet unmistakably with expert cording.

Gwyneth - Ivory Embroidered Lace

Wow! If you aren’t mesmerised and astounded by how glamorous and unique this design is then we don’t know what it will take - the way each leaf interlocks with its neighbour makes the eye want to follow each path to its very extreme. In a word, fantastic.

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