Backless Wedding Gowns and Bridal Brocade

Bridal brocade fabrics are a perfect alternative to lace
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The backless wedding gown is a staple of bridal couture. Perhaps one of the most famous brides of recent times to showcase a backless wedding dress was Princess Eugenie of York, at her marriage to wine merchant and socialite Jack Brooksbank. As well as being an aesthetic decision, the backless style was chosen by Eugenie for another, more personal reason.

At the age of just twelve years, Eugenie underwent a serious operation to treat scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine. The operation left a visible scar and Eugenie wanted this to be revealed by her gown, setting an example to others affected by scarring that they shouldn't feel the need to hide away. Eugenie is a now patron of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London, where she had her surgery as a child.

The all-important wedding gown was the result of a collaboration between Peter Pilotto and Christoper De Vos and featured different symbols woven into a jacquard of silk and cotton. With long sleeves, a flowing train, folded shoulders and a daringly-low back, the gown was absolutely enchanting and perfectly suited the beautiful bride.

At Bridal Fabrics, we have a sumptuous collection of Silk Brocade and Jacquard Brocade fabrics, which includes:

Floral: Ivory Silk Brocade

Woven right here in the UK, this delightful wedding dress material features an elegant floral pattern running throughout, repeating up and down the fabric. The background fabric used to create this magnificent ivory bridal brocade is a beautifully smooth satin, giving this apparently delicate fabric a surprisingly firm handle.

Enchantment: Jacquard Brocade

As an alternative to lace fabric, the Jacquard Brocade is hard to beat. Made lovingly here in our Lancashire factory, we use the perfect combination of fibres to create a fabric featuring a hypnotically swirling design, the elements of which interlock to form a larger pattern. The abstract shapes are slightly raised from the fabric base, resulting in an arresting embossed effect.

There are many more styles of brocade to be found so start exploring our website now!

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