3 Brand New Lace Designs

Looking for brand new lace ideas? Check out our latest designs!

We pride ourselves on offering one of the largest and most diverse collections of wedding dress material online. This collection continues to grow all the time as we add further styles; many new styles have recently been added and here are three of our favorites.

Choosing our favorites is never an easy process, although it is certainly lots of fun! Beaded and corded lace designs are currently big news in the bridal wear market and so we have added lots of new examples of these styles. Get ready to enjoy...

Ivory Beaded Lace: Gaia

We are absolutely in love with this new beaded lace design, which has just been added to our extensive collection. Gaia is nothing less than stunning and we think you'll agree when you see it.

It is unashamedly extravagant, covered with a carefully-chosen selection of beads and pearls; these embellishments are further enhanced with the use of cleverly-applies sequins to add the essential glitz and glamour. Both edges are identical, gently scalloped to create a versatile, classy lace design.

Ivory Beaded Lace: Desdemona

This lace is just as powerful, intriguing and feminine as its namesake, the heroine of the play Othello, written by William Shakespeare. Recalling the exciting, fashionable and sophisticated 1920s era, Desdemona is modeled on an ivory tulle base.

Delicate woven bands feature across the design, each of which is composed of floral motifs enhanced with beads, diamantes and sequins. The bands are separated by refined panels which feature vertical lines picked out using tubular beads. Further beads are attached and left to sway and swish as the wearer moves.

Corded Lace: Delmira

Utilising a Raschel background, Delmira lace is shot through with beautiful floral bouquets which are expertly corded throughout. These corded designs are highlighted using translucent sequins to produce a truly entrancing effect.

Delmira is a particularly delicate lace with a fine, lightweight handle and the identical scalloped edges give a harmonious look. Both of the borders extend well into the body of the lace, creating a breathtaking, stunningly unique design.

Please enjoy checking out our newest lace designs and give our team a call if you want more information or advice.

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