Embellished Chantilly Lace for the Stylish Bride

If you are a woman with style who likes to always be right on trend, then you are going to love our new collection of wedding dress material! Embellished fabric and Chantilly lace are both set to be massive this coming season and we have taken the exciting and trendsetting step of combining both of these fabrics to create brand new, unique designs.

Our designers have carefully chosen from our collection of French Chantilly lace, which has then been hand-decorated in India using the very finest, most visually-arresting wedding dress embel­lis­hments. Check out the new fabrics right here and don't forget that you can order up to 4 samples of our fabrics absolutely free of charge.

Alisha - Beaded Ivory Lace

Glamor is the key word with this striking bridal lace fabric, which has been based on Harper Chantilly lace and features a parade of large rose motifs as its central design. These flowers march proudly across the lace ground to identical scalloped edges - the whole has been embellished with a selection of beads and sequins that catch the light in a truly magical way.

Annalisa - White Beaded Lace

The pretty, feminine name of Annalisa perfectly captures the graceful quality of this lace, which is based on Kate lace - one of the four fabrics used to create Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding gown. The addition of sequins, pearls and beads adds a whole new dimension to the lace, creating a dramatic three-dimensional effect as they work in flawless harmony with thread loops.

Bryony - Ivory Beaded Lace

The French-made lace used to create Bryony is delicate, ethereal and wondrously tactile, creating delightful sensations on the fingertips. Bouquets of mixed flowers are gently shaded to give an entrancing, mystical effect and the double-scalloped border adds a touch of pure class.

Aurelia - Ivory Beaded Lace

With a regal drape and excep­ti­onally soft handle, Samantha Chantilly lace has been chosen to create Aurelia. Pearls and beads work in elegant unison to produce a tasteful yet flamboyant design and the addition of a subtle fringe makes this bridal lace fabric extra luxurious.

We know you will have been inspired by this exciting new collection - please visit the individual product pages for more details and photographs!

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