Dress Embel­lis­hments: Captivating Crystal Embroidery

Crystal embroidery appliques represent an excellent way to bring added aesthetic appeal to wedding dresses, prom gowns and other garments designed for special occasions. This edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog is a shimmering showcase of heavy appliques, all of which are suffused with sublime, superb and oh-so-seductive sparkle...

Thrace: Crystal Embroidery

Effortlessly elegant, Thrace is one of our most refined dress embel­lis­hments, which is based on a tulle background. To this, our designer has added a carefully curated assortment of pearls and beads, which are surrounded by expert wirework.

Crystal Motif - Thrace

Helium: Crystal Embroidery

At its center, Helium crystal embroidery features a glittering, diamond-shaped gem. Petite diamantes and a variety of beads surround this central stone: all of these embel­lis­hments have been embroidered onto the tulle base entirely by hand. Fabulous!

Crystal Motif - Helium

Greco: Crystal Embroidery

There are many different materials incorporated into this stylish applique: gauze, pearls, diamantes, beads and filigree wire all work in perfect comple­men­tary harmony. Wherever the motif is attached, be it belt, hip or anywhere else, it is sure to bring instant boho beauty.­ 

Crystal Motif - Greco

Freesia: Crystal Embroidery

Instantly iconic, Freesia is one of the most luxurious and indulgent examples of crystal embroidery that the Bridal Fabrics team has ever seen. Rendered on a large scale and featuring three dimensional clusters of pearls, beads and diamantes, this extravagant piece also features contoured silver yarn details. 

Crystal Embroidery - Freesia Large

Equilibrium: Crystal Embroidery

Easily and quickly applied to any wedding gown or prom dress, Equilibrium is designed to add immediate, impeccable style. Wherever on your garment you decide to apply it, Equilibrium crystal embroidery will command attention, glittering as it does with diamantes, tubular beads, shining gems and alluring silver cording elements.

Crystal Motif - Equlibrium

As these crystal dress embel­lis­hments are supplied singly, we regret that we are unable to provide samples. However, we guarantee to accept returns of pristine-condition items if you decide that you've made the wrong choice. Check out our website for these and many more dress embel­lis­hments. Get glittering!

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