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Bridal Fabrics is a proud supplier of ivory wedding material to numerous couture dressmakers and designers who, working at the high end of fashion, use it to craft unique garments made exactly to the specifi­cations of each individual customer. This article is dedicated to the hard work of our creative couture clients around the world and showcases some of our most special ivory wedding fabric.

Briella: Ivory Embroidery Chantilly Lace

Briella: Ivory Embroidery French Lace

With weaving done in France and embroidery completed in Italy this wedding fabric features an ornate border decorated lavishly with an assortment of different flowers. Bigger floral motifs create the main pattern, which gradually decreases in density from the top edge. Gold filigree thread has been used sparingly throughout, adding a subtle yet electrifying shimmer.



Persephone: Ivory Beaded Lace

Persephone: Ivory Beaded Lace

Together with her husband Hades, the legendary Persephone ruled over the underworld described in tales of Greek mythology: fittingly, this wedding ivory lace is regal, extravagant and marvelously magnificent. Fan- and flower-shaped motifs sweep majestically through the exquisite border, which itself commands attention with its scallops and fringing. Petite diamantes and a selection of beads and pearls are the perfect complement for the clean vertical lines that characterize this design.

Gaia: Ivory Beaded Lace

Identical scalloped edges frame this design which, though refined and elegant, has a definite sense of passion, romance and decadent drama. The sequins, beads and pearls that embellish this ivory lace fabric are simply beautiful: why not order a free sample and experience the delight for yourself?!

Ivory Beaded Lace - Gaia

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