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Italy, Spain, France - these are the romance countries, from where the influence of the Roman civilisation affected everything from art and food to clothing and language. Today, the inhabitants of these countries are still noted for their fiery tempers, all-encompassing passions and artistic flair - like their ancestors before them, they can channel these energies (when they so desire!) to create stunning, world-class works of art that define the moment in a single, stunning coup. So, how can you get your own little slice of all this? Read on…

Bridal Fabrics have teamed up with Italian couture fabric company Lusi Embroideries to bring you an exclusive collection of extra-special wedding dress fabric. Our fabric-sourcing team have spent many happy hours deciding on the final selection of four laces, each of which is available to purchase now from Bridal Fabrics.

Lusi Embroideries - The Facts

  • The company was established more than 50 years ago in 1964 by Silvia and Luciana Tubaldo

  • The couple already had lots of experience but decided the time was right to make their success a global phenomenon

  • Now in its second generation, the Tubaldo family still run the business and have developed it into a highly-renowned, ultra-sophis­ticated brand

  • A sharp focus on environmental issues means that the company has achieved excellent green credentials in its many facilities, which are located as far apart as the USA, Lebanon, France, China, the UK and countries in the Middle East

Visit the product pages for the following new laces to see for yourself the unmatched quality of Lusi Embroideries - will your favorite be…

Briella Lace Briella - luxurious glamour combines with elegant sophis­tica­tion to form an enticing, attractive wedding dress fabric
Sloane lace Sloane - if you cannot decide which embroidery technique you like best, then enjoy a broad mixture with Sloane
Rowan Lace Rowan - one of the prettiest and most feminine laces we have seen in a long time - do you agree?
Ashlyn Lace

Ashlyn - a fine silver thread runs throughout this dramatic design, which has a uniquely textured look to it

It is time to let yourself Lusi and give in to your cravings for luxurious couture material to create what will be the most important piece of clothing you will ever own. Start now by clicking here and breathe deeply first - the journey is going to be an exhilarating one!

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