Decisions, Decisions! Two Dresses for Designer Claudie

We have our very own wedding to look forward to here at Bridal Fabrics and we are very, very excited!  Our lovely designer Claudie is having a summer wedding and we are all over the dresses!  Yes, two wedding dresses.  Like so many brides following in royal footsteps, it won’t do to have just one gown. Claudie’s is a destination wedding followed by a reception at home in the UK so it’s imperative to double up on wedding dresses!

Of course Claudie, with a baby on the way too,  is benefitting from our in-house knowledge and expertise.  We’re looking at some whimsical fabrics for the destination wedding and she certainly works in the right place with the biggest range in the UK.  With a floaty A-line in mind, top of the list is an ivory embroidered lace called Gabby, simple yet very elegant, this lace has been formed by embroidering a tulle background to form ‘islands’ that stand slightly proud of the background.­ Also, in the running is ivory embroidered lace Sunday, a superlative bridal lace featuring sumptuous 3D flowers on an ivory tulle base and then she’s just spotted out new ivory 3D floral embroidery lace  Magadalena!  Decisions, decisions!

For the big party at home beads, pearls and petals are catching Claudie’s eye.  With so many to choose from it’s hard to narrow down the choices but looking for a sleek outline (not decided between trumpet or mermaid)  Claudie’s looking at ivory corded and beaded lace Abiona, a  lavishly embroidered and then embellished lace with beads, diamanties and sequins together with 3 D laser cut flowers.  Pearl lace Juliana, with an embroidered twig like pattern that runs across the width of the lace which has been embellished in places with pearls and beads has also caught her eye, as has new ivory lace Brodie.  With a beautiful leaf and flower design embroidered onto a tulle base, which has then been magni­fic­ently embellished with 3D petals, beads, sequins and pearls.­  Claudie assures us she’ll be making use of new lining fabric Kiss, unlike the models in the pictures!

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