Dance until you Drop with Wedding Dress Fabrics!

Dancing is a part of almost all wedding celebrations in every culture around the world. Many brides want to wear their special gown long after the actual wedding ceremony, showing off its beauty to guests for as long as possible. If this sounds like you, then check out our top five tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress material, so you can dance the night away...

Back to Basics

Start by making sure that any bridal under­gar­ments, such as crinolines, petticoats and slips, are made from quality fabric that will allow your skin to breathe.­These are the foundation of your outfit and, as such, if they are not completely comfortable then you won’t be either. To make the gown easy to take on or off, under­gar­ments should be installed directly into the dress, as advised by Panache Bridal of Beverly Hills’ Fashion Director Briannah Jayde.

Be Safe with Straps!

As featured in our recent Bride Guide 2015, straps are highly fashionable right now and have the added benefit of saving you from a wardrobe malfunction if your dancing is of the wild variety! A good all-round fit is essential and bustiers or elastic waistbands can help to make sure your dream gown has a dream fit - remember that weight is often lost or gained right near wedding time so have your last fitting as close to the big day as you can.

What’s Your Style?

The style of music and dancing you intend to have in your wedding can impact on your dress choice. Trumpet, mermaid and other tight-fitting styles can limit leg movements - meaning you will have to take smaller steps to compensate. On the other hand, while a full dress gives you room to move freely, you may not be able to get as comfortably close to your partner as you had hoped!

Fancy Footwear

Make sure your wedding shoes are broken in! Get used to wearing them at each fitting and consider how they will be affected by the lower portion of the wedding gown. If they are to be covered beneath the dress, it is worth considering going for footwear with a focus on extra comfort.

Make it Versatile!

Many creative designers are now producing exquisite wedding dresses that can be transformed for evening celeb­ra­tions. Removable trains, skirts, headpieces and support materials are just some of the innovative solutions that can turn your dress from couture wedding chic to party girl in an instant.

We would love to see photographs of you dancing in your wedding gown! Share your unique, gorgeous look with Wedding Dress Fabrics.

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