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Crystal Wedding Gown Embel­lis­hments - Perfect for Fall

They look particularly gorgeous in the low, rich and lemony sunlight of early fall so if you are planning a wedding for this coming season then you are going to want to get glam with the selection of crystal motifs and trims available to purchase right now from Wedding Dress Fabrics!

Once again, we have found it an absorbing challenge to choose our very favorite items from the sumptuous range available. We have been strict with ourselves this time though and have chosen just two examples each from our crystal trim and motif collections. See if your favourites match ours!

Crystal Motif #1 - Hercules

As bold, strong and striking as its namesake, Hercules crystal embroidery is not for the faint-of-heart! This is one of the largest crystal motifs in our collection and would look perfect sewn asymmet­ric­ally onto the wedding gown, perhaps at the hip. Our designer has selected a fine ivory tulle base for Hercules, carefully arraying it with an immensely-attractive collection of diamantés, silver filigree thread and tubular beads to glorious, dramatic effect. Occasional sequins further embellish the attractive design, which has been embroidered by hand in India.

Crystal Motif #2 - Laverna

An explosive design created from layers of sharply-defined foliage, Laverna is another statement piece that knows nothing of subtlety. A cream embroidery base supports a shower of glittering diamantés, which radiate evocatively around a central gathering of milky pearls. Too large for your tastes? Check out Veritas crystal embroidery for a more delicate version.

Crystal Trim #1 - Cygnus

Modeled on the smooth, sleek curvature of a swan’s elegant neck, Cygnus crystal trim is a refined yet glamorous choice. Silver filigree thread has been hand-embroidered to create the fluid, undulating and sinuous pattern, which is transformed into pure art with the addition of diminutive pearls and beads.

Crystal Trim #2 - Genesis

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and so this design should be a big hit! The distinctive shape is repeated along the full length of this crystal trim, formed from a select range of beads, pearls and diamantés. Glitter, glimmer and gleam with Genesis!

Check out these and the rest of our crystal wedding dress embel­lis­hments today.

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