Couture Creations: Four Fantastic Fabrics

Finding the perfect dressmaker can be difficult, with brides-to-be scouring the country in search of innovative, quality wedding dress designs. For some brides, that ideal designer turns out to be a lot closer to home...

Iris, the beautiful bride in these equally beautiful images, wanted her gown to be ethereal and romantic. After seeing the designs suggested by a dressmaker and finding them to be unsuitable, Iris's soon-to-be mother-in-law Vivienne decided to take matters into her own talented hands: the result is the divine wedding gown you see here.

Living in a relatively remote area meant that Vivienne could not source fabrics from a traditional bridal boutique and so instead she turned to the internet. After discovering the Bridal Fabrics website, she quickly realized that we carried the widest range of wedding dress material and that her problem were solved. Together, Vivienne and Iris chose a delightful combination of four wedding dress fabrics.

Iris - Madeleine Lace

Corded & Beaded Ivory Lace: Madeleine

Motifs of embroidered floral bouquets, edged with sumptuous cording, nestle together on a fine tulle to create this beautiful border lace. Sequins, beads and gold filigree thread add that crucial glamorous sparkle.


Supreme cappuccino dress1

Polyester Luxury Duchess Satin: Supreme

Even those who are experienced at working with fabric find it difficult to tell this stunning material apart from pure silk, so lustrous and smooth is its handle. 

The heavy, wonderfully-draping wedding fabric is available in a choice of ten colors.



Crystal Dress Trim: Primrose

Though enhanced with ivory thread and decadently emblazoned with crystals, sequins and beads, Primrose Crystal Dress Trim retains an elegant and sophis­ticated quality. This wedding dress embel­lis­hment was used at the back and on the shoulder straps of Iris's gown.

Crystal Trim - Primrose

Crystal Embroidery: Sagittarius

The front of the gown designed by Vivienne was adorned with this exquisite crystal embroidery, which features a large central diamante surrounded by pearls and tubular beads and highlighted with glittering silver filigree thread. Iris loved this piece so much that Vivienne sourced a further piece to create a beautiful, unique wrist accessory.

Crystal Motif - Sagittarius

Thanks to Iris and Vivienne for sharing their story. We would also like to thank the photog­raphers Heni (www.­­­henifo­­uri­­ep­­ho­­tog­­raphy.­­­co.­­­uk) and Shirley (www.­­­mapyoursoul.­­­com) for their kind permission to share these quality professional images.

Feeling inspired? Check out these four fantastic bridal fabrics on our website!

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