Colored Lace Could Be the Key to YOUR Personality

So, what are your views on personality tests? Think they can reveal the true inner you? Or are they just something to fill those spare magazine column inches? Or maybe you’re like us - somewhere in the middle? One thing that seems pretty certain is that a person’s favorite colors can give an insight into how their mind works - light and colour are so important to us visual creatures that, even uncon­sci­ously, they influence us all the time.

You probably rarely think about your favorite color but it’s a certainty that you have one. One of the ways that we all use colour is in our clothing - even if you only wear all black or all white! It is a tool of self-expression, letting the world know how we feel through what we wear. Your wedding day is a perfect time to let your indi­vidu­ality shine through and more brides than ever before are opting for colored lace instead of the traditional white and ivory.

Ok, it’s time for a little experiment. Will you be our lab rats?! We want you to pick your favorite from these popular lace colors and tell us if the description matches YOUR personality.. so here goes:

  • Orange - for a woman who is at the centre of her social circle and loves to show her sunny feelings

  • Red - you are full of lust for life and want everyone else to join in the celebration as well!

  • Black - a dramatic soul who everyone wonders what is going to get up to next…

  • Candy Pink - playful and fun, you’re the first person anyone calls when they need a friend to cheer them up

  • Yellow - a happy, friendly type who balances optimism with realism in a skilful way

  • Chartreuse - charming and regal, you would give the Queen of England a run for her money!

  • Steel Grey - you like to be at the cutting-edge of style and you want everyone to know it

  • Violet - there is a sense of magic about you that people find alluring and mesmerising. Did you cast a love spell…?!

So there it is, the Bridal Fabrics Color Quiz! Pick your favourite, read the description again and see what you think. How close did we get? Way off base? Or maybe a little too close for comfort? Email and tell us now...the best emails will be published in our newsletter - are you subscribed? If not, then subscribe so you don’t miss out on this plus lots of special offers and product updates!

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