Laces by Type

Laces can be made in many different ways using a variety of machines and yarn types. Our range includes laces from India, France, Italy, China and Turkey.

The very first laces were made by hand and since then, many different techniques have been used to create different styles, all of which have their own charm and beauty. Chantilly laces are woven, Raschel laces knitted whilst guipure laces are embroidered. Cording is done using specialist machines whilst beadwork is almost exclusively done by hand.


Many laces are formed using a tulle background, which is then embroidered to form a pattern, which can then be further embellished. Each type of lace can create a very different look depending on the way that it is used both in terms of how it is cut and over which type of fabric it sits. With our great depth of experience, we look forward to answering your queries and will help wherever we can.

We work very hard to offer you the most diverse and inspirational range of bridal laces. Our first two samples are supplied free of charge - please click on request sample on each product page to order one.