Ivory Fabrics

Ivory Fabrics

Are you looking for ivory fabrics to express your genius as a designer or fashion professional? Sumptuous wedding dress, evening dress, suit, lining... This material is useful in many fields and lends itself to all uses, including the creation of wedding dresses.

Bridal Fabrics, the world's leading distributor of high-end textile products, presents its collection of ivory-colored fabrics that can reflect your artistic expression. Depending on your needs in terms of structure, texture and embellishment, you have a wide range of choices. Ivory is still the most popular shade for wedding dresses. Our range of fabrics includes many different weights and weaves and offers an option for all wedding dress styles.



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Silk Organza (137cm/54") - Evolution
Sale price £33.00 / metre
Polyester Mikado (154 cm/60") - Mikado
Sale price £21.00 / metre
Low Stock
Ivory Polyester Soft Satin Fabric (150cm/60") - KissIvory Polyester Soft Satin Fabric (150cm/60") - Kiss
For Bridesmaids
Polyester Satin (148cm/58") - Majestic (Lighter Shades)Polyester Satin (148cm/58") - Majestic (Lighter Shades)
Polyester Satin (150cm/59") - Ascot
Sale price £12.00 / metre
Ivory Eco Crepe (135cm/53") - Territory
Sale price £75.00 / metre
Ivory Eco Crepe (135cm/53") - Habitat
Sale price £75.00 / metre
Silk Velvet (137cm/54") - Vogue
Sale price £87.00 / metre
Polyester Crepe (148cm/58") - Sacrament
Sale price £48.00 / metre
Silk Satin Organza (114cm/45") - Charm
Sale price £39.00 / metre
Ivory Jacquard Spot Fabric – Joviality
Sale price £117.00 / metre
Ivory Eco Satin (147cm/58") - Tarantino
Sale price £33.00 / metre

What are the properties of our ivory fabrics?

This textile material is essentially distinguished by its unique combination of characteristics that make it a must-have for the fashion professional. Discreet, elegant and subtly sensual, our ivory fabrics are adorned with a luminosity that gives each creation a touch of sophistication.

Likewise, their splendid texture and the luxurious touch they provide make them refined and exceptional fabrics.

A variety of products for more creative inspiration

Bridal Fabrics offers a full range of ivory fabrics to enable designers to bring their creative vision to life. Manufacturing, structuring, texture, colors, we take into account all desires and profiles when making our fabrics. It is worth remembering that the products in this category are available exclusively in shades of the colour ivory, in this case cream and washed beige.

In terms of pattern, the same range of possibilities is guaranteed. You will have the choice between plain, striped or guipure fabrics. Thus, you can use Samba ivory, an organza filled with lush folds and ideal for the design of a suit. This one is 140 cm wide with folds 5 cm deep.

Professionals also appreciate Garza silk ivory for its splendor and opulent appearance. Made of 100% silk, this sensational fabric is 130 cm wide and evokes lust. It is perfectly suited for the creation of a personalized wedding dress.

In addition, the Risette, another ivory creation with embroidered lace is sure to ignite your creative senses. It is an elegant lace with a purely feminine connotation that measures 130 cm wide and composed in a beautiful design. The lace is without a floral pattern, but embroidered at the base with a series of decorations of different sizes that give it a beautiful shine. Highly appreciated for its consonance and ability to fit all bodies, this product can be purchased and delivered anywhere in the world.

Ivory fabrics: an ideal choice for professionals

Every detail counts in the creation of exceptional pieces in the fashion and luxury industry. The ivory fabrics offered by Bridal Fabrics are therefore the right choice for several reasons. First of all, their superior quality guarantees you satisfactory results. In addition, their versatility allows them to create a variety of parts, making it possible to meet a variety of demands.

When it comes to their creative versatility, ivory fabrics are suitable for creating elegant dresses, lavish suits, delicate accessories, etc. Finally, they are known for their resistance and longevity, which gives each piece a timeless character.

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