Dupion Fabrics

Dupion Fabrics

We offer luxurious silk and polyester dupion fabrics such as Romantique and those with a lighter slub such as Cameo, Divinity or Radiance. Dupion fabrics can also be known as raw fabrics and have a very artisan, natural look. The most popular silk in the world, silk dupion is woven using raw silk yarns, which produces in a natural beauty in that the fabric has a slightly coarse handle and exhibits irregular appearance.

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The silk dupion or Doupion silk or shantung is a fabric created with slightly irregular threads. These present a textured look, which is the original appearance of dupion.  The slubs in Silk Dupion occur when two silk worms spin cocoons close together. There are two types of Silk Dupion, handwoven Silk Dupion, which is more textured, and powerwoven Silk Dupion, which is smoother, although it still has some slub.  The result of these 'irregularities' or 'slubs' in the fabric is to give the fabric character and identity. Originally woven on hand looms with techniques passed down generations, most Dupions are now woven on high powered looms.  The textured look varies greatly and some dupion fabrics are much smoother than others with fewer slubs because of modern manufacturing techniques. Dupion Fabrics typically have a crisp drape and a firm handle

At Bridal Fabrics website you can buy dupion fabric by the meter or yard. We have no minimums so you only need buy as much or as little as you need for your sewing project.  On this page we have a selection of dupion fabrics in both silk and poyester and in a range of colours.  Use the filter to help you with your choice. Whatever your sewing project with dupion fabric, we have what you need.


Close to the original look of Dupion silk is a quality called Romantique that is quite heavy, has many slubs and is revered for this textured finish. This is a very authentic silk dupion and is woven in India, one of the main producers of this type of fabric.  Available inn ivory, this fabric is relatively stiff so suits designs that require a structured fabric.

We also offer polyester satin backed Dupion which is supplied with a lower price point for any bride on a budget.  Our poly dupion is called Clarity and is available in a range of over 20 colours and is very popular for children's wear, especially Christening gowns, Flower girl dresses and Communion gowns.  The large range of colors also makes it a great choice for bridesmaids.

Distinction luxury silk dupion fabric is probably our most popular with a range of 11 colors to choose from.  Refined and feminine, it has a crisp drape and firm handle.  Though it is certainly possible to add decorative elements such as appliques or trims to a garment made of dupion, this fabric will carry a simple design without embellishment.

Silk Dupion is also ideal for embroidery, patchwork, mounting lace etc.  If you are searching for an embroidered silk dupion with texture and pattern check out Delyth available in ivory and blush.  Brooklyn is another embroidered dupion designed specifically for waistcoats.  Several other dupion fabrics such as Cameo and Masquerade are available in a variety of colors. These are perfect to create evening, engagement or cocktail dresses.


Bridal Fabrics has an impressive collection of fabrics that are held in stock for speedy delivery worldwide.  We have no minimums and offer an excellent fabric sample service, the first two samples are free, to allow you to handle the fabric to check the quality and color.

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