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Embroidered Lace AppliqueIf you’re feeling a new energy recently then it’s probably because of the change in seasons. Wherever in the USA you live and however the weather alters there, everyone gets a feeling of newness in the air and starts looking forward to the excitement of the months to come. If you’re planning a wedding gown then you’re going to want that to be fresh and new too - that’s where Bridal Fabrics are here to help…

We have been secretly getting ready to launch THREE brand new ivory corded lace appliques and the moment has now arrived! All three designs are now available on our extensive wedding dress fabrics website and we would like to find out from YOU which is the most popular of them all. So, check out our article, see the designs and make your choice!

Embroidered Lace Applique - Peacock

Ever seen one of these birds with his feathers all out? Wow! This must surely be one of the most beautiful sights that Mother Nature has to offer and our talented designer has perfectly captured the style of the peacock with this embroidered lace applique. A deep, rich and luxurious ivory color combined with a flamboyant yet elegant shape means that Peacock is extremely eye catching and will make sure you’re the center of attention in your wedding.

Ivory Lace Applique - Snowdrop

No more snow, thank you very much! But wait - maybe we can make an exception for this little beauty, which makes us feel like we have gone back in time to a more sophis­ticated, decadent era. The cording on this piece is exquisite and the applique would be perfect for forming the back part of a stylish and evocative wedding gown.

Corded Lace Applique - Fern

If you are a Thoroughly Modern Millie then you’ll love our final candidate for superstardom: Fern corded lace applique. A soft ivory tulle is enhanced with embroidery and cording that makes our hearts miss a beat and lungs miss a breath - if you want to have the same effect on your fiancé and guests then you know who to vote for!

Ok, so you have seen all three of our new lace appliques - which one is calling your name? Let us know on all the usual social media channels or you could drop us an email too!

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