Chic Chiffon Wedding Fabric

Invented in France, Chiffon is a diaphanous, translucent fabric that is woven in a unique way. Yarns with an S-shape are cross woven with yarns of a Z-shape, resulting in a puckered material that has a gorgeously-textured aesthetic. This makes it perfect for creating wedding garments. In this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog, we'll be showcasing an alluring collection of chic chiffon fabrics online.

Arden: Ivory Chiffon Lace

Flamboyant and glamorous, Arden is a wedding dress lace with a background of fabulous chiffon. Beautiful guipure embroidery forms an exultant pattern of leaves and flowers, which is framed on either side by identical scalloped borders. Petite flower-buds are attached to the fabric at one end only, leaving them free to move and giving the ivory lace a decadent three-dimen­si­onality.

Ivory Chiffon Lace - Arden

Whirl: Ivory Chiffon Trim

Our designer has taken a superb chiffon and cut it on the bias, before hemming it on one side and over-locking it on the other; the unusual technique creates a gracefully-curving trim that is perfect for creating garments with a lovely layered effect. You can also purchase Whirl in an organza material from our online fabric store.

Chiffon Fabric Trim - Whirl

Serendipity: Polyester Chiffon

If you're looking for an overlay or a material for building up feminine layers, then Serendipity is one of the best dress fabrics to do it with. With a weight of just 82 grams per square meter, this polyester chiffon is fabulously floaty. Choose from 15 color options including Water Green, Antique Rose, Purple, Silver, Blush, Yellow, Cream, Black, Navy and Teal.

Water Green Chiffon - Serendipity

Benevolence: Polyester Chiffon

Benevolence is the same as Serendipity but in a wider format. There is a wider range of colours to choose from in this fabric, including Scarlet, Gold, Burgundy, Violet, Fuchsia, Pink, Salmon and Light Blue.

Cream Polyester Chiffon - Benevolence

Delicacy: Silk Satin Chiffon

The name says it all! Weighing a beautifully-light 40 grams per square meter, Delicacy is a semi-sheer fabric with elegance to spare. On one side, the ivory fabric has a soft satin finish while the other side features a tactile crepe weave. Pure luxury!

Ivory Satin Chiffon - Delicacy

Tempest: Silk Chiffon

Made from 100% silk, Tempest is one of our online fabrics that has a huge range of color options, as well as a super­la­tively-smooth texture and divine drape. Please order a free sample and experience it for yourself!

Blush Silk Georgette - Tempest

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