Chantilly Lace - Get the Vintage Look

Chantilly lace was created in the town of the same name in the north of France, close to the traditional centre of haute-couture that is Paris. The Duchesse de Longueville, a highly-regarded aristocrat and recognised trendsetter, chose Chantilly as the location to open her lacemaking business, innovatively creating a fabric that features a delicate, sweeping drape and its signature background of a mesh of hexagons.

The Duchesse found that her designs were an instant sensation and Chantilly became famous for the fabrics that were made there and shipped around the world, influencing fashion globally. You can now see Chantilly lace everywhere from the aisle to the runway and red carpet, proving the lasting popularity of the Duchesse de Longueville’­s luxurious creation.

There are currently 45+ Chantilly lace designs to choose from at Wedding Dress Fabrics. These include:

Ivory Lace - Adrianna

This is a truly classic design and its rich ivory coloration is something to marveled at. Light, delicate and feminine, Adrianna features delightful cording around several elements of its glorious floral patterns and has straight-edged borders framing undulating scallops. For a different look, try simply removing these straight edges to reveal the underlying scalloped design.

Soft White Lace - Amy

This is an incredibly popular design thanks to its versatility and is now available from Wedding Dress Fabrics in a stunning range of colours. Soft white is, however, the enduring favorite and it isn’t difficult to see why! Amy Chantilly lace is closely-set all over with bold floral motifs which are contras­tingly set against an open tulle. Scalloped edges and a soft fringe frame the design, which is available with a matching lace trim.

Black Lace - Kate

Famously one of the four laces used to create the dress worn by Kate Middleton at her Royal Wedding, this bridal lace is designed with the exciting motif of a full floral bouquet, which shows off the very best Chantilly shading. From its border, Kate lace has a magnificent and eye-catching foliage and floral embel­lis­hment. If black lace isn’t your thing, why not try Kate Chantilly lace in white, ivory, gold or Champagne?

Wedding Dress Fabrics carry a large and extremely beautiful collection of this fabric, which is always in high demand. Find your perfect Chantilly lace from our collection and be inspired by classic fashion from a bygone era.

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