Celebrate Independence Day with Stripe Fabric & Star Lace!

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays on the calendar and we here at Bridal Fabrics are looking forward to the upcoming festivities! Start celebrating NOW with this superb selection of wedding lace and fabrics, all of which feature stars and stripes in their design...

Planet: White Embroidered Satin

Planet: White Embroidered Satin

Planet is a beautifully embroidered bridal satin that dazzles with its brilliant white coloration. The pattern features a medley of stars in different sizes: the largest stars are embellished with diamantes, resulting in a gorgeous, glittering galaxy.


Magic: Ivory Star Decorated Tulle

Magic: Ivory Star Decorated Tulle

Recently added to our portfolio of wedding dress material, this distinctive star fabric certainly deserves its name! In addition to a delightful pattern, this tulle fabric boasts an excellent drape a seductively-soft handle.





Janine: White Embroidered Lace

Vedette: Ivory Embroidered Lace

Vedette star lace has an ethereal, diaphanous quality that would perfectly suit a bride with a sense of drama and mystery. The wedding lace is decorated with sumptuous stars, which in turn are embellished with translucent sequins.


Ailsa: Ivory Chantilly Lace

Ailsa: Ivory French Lace

A simple yet striking 6-pointed star forms the basis of this ivory wedding material's exciting pattern. The motif repeats regularly across the width of the super-soft French lace, resulting in a truly mesmeric display.





Iris: Ivory Corded and Beaded Lace

Iris: Ivory Corded and Beaded Lace

Our bridal team received several requests for customers who wanted a fabric with plain central sections and highly-decorated edges.

Iris was added to our collection to meet this requirement: please check out the product page to discover this gorgeous ivory lace fabric!




Jean: Ivory French Lace

Jean is a wedding ivory lace that is refined, tasteful and sophis­ticated. Fine and superbly-sheer, Jean ivory wedding fabric is charac­te­rized by its pattern of strong geometric lines and is finished with a delicate, fabulously feminine fringe at its identical edges.

Ivory Chantilly Lace - Jean

Jester: Silk Polyester Organza

The tactile finish of this organza fabric comes from a composition that includes 25% genuine silk. Stripes of satin and organza alternate across the width, creating an eyecatching pattern. 

Ivory Striped Organza & Satin Fabric - Jester

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, safe and above all FUN time this Independence Day. Start your celebrations today by checking out our very own stars and stripes!

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