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Bridal Lace: The Limelight Edition

Whether its used for creating wedding gowns, haute couture fashion pieces or even honeymoon lingerie, lace is one of the most versatile fabrics on the planet.

That means that, whatever season it happens to be, garments made using lace are always big news. Step into the limelight yourself with our tempting trio of ivory beaded lace styles...

Mira Ivory Beaded Lace

Using a fine ivory tulle with a sheer, lightweight handle and regal drape, our designer has gone for all out luxury with this lace.

Dramatic areas of beads, pearls and sequins form a striking and elegant pattern, which is framed with borders that differ subtly in style. For pure gorgeous glamour, Mira ivory lace is definitely one to look out for.

Ava Ivory Beaded Lace

Ivory tulle is also the background for Ava ivory beaded lace. A stylish and contemporary 'Brocade' pattern, which extends in dynamic arrays across the lace, has been created using a rich ivory thread.

Both edges are beautifully-scalloped and a careful selection of sequins, beads and pearls adds the final, fabulous touch. For a similar yet more subtle style, try Albany Champagne lace, also available on the Bridal fabrics website.

Gaynor Ivory Beaded Lace

This breathtaking lace features big, bold flowers, each of which has been rendered in the finest embroidery.

The floral motifs are each enhanced in their aesthetic value using cording and sequins, which together form a symmetrical pattern with a hypnotic visual effect.

So bold is this pattern that it cannot be contained by its borders and extends delicately beyond.


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