Bridal Lace from the Stars - Part 2 of our Cosmic Guide

Welcome to the second of a fun & special three-part article looking at how your star sign could be the key to choosing the perfect wedding dress material from our huge collection of bridal lace, embellished fabric, tulle, net and more.  If your sign isn’t in this article, then either check out the first part or make sure you are subscribed to our exciting newsletter to see the next!


Leos always want to be the centre of attention, hogging the limelight and making sure all eyes land squarely on them. The Leo bride is no exception and her eye for the bold and dramatic is the sharpest tool known to man! Bright colours, full skirts and eye-catching embel­lis­hments will suit you down to the ground and have you purring with pleasure.


Representing The Maiden, Virgo is all about femininity, purity and innocence, qualities  that are often reflected in the wedding gown style chosen by a Virgo bride. Structured and ladylike wedding dresses are perfect for lovely Virgo though an exciting and evocative twist can really elevate the piece to a work of art while satisfying Virgos’ sweetly-provocative needs.


Everything in the Libran’s life is about balance and the wedding gowns of this sign are often ground­bre­aking in their unexpected combinations of style, structure and texture. Librans tend to favor the layered look with a sparkly touch of crystal trim and ruffled fabric. In terms of color, bringing together unusual combinations (such as the white and ivory dress featured in a recent article) is a classic Libran trait.


Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs and loves to share it so wedding gowns worn by Scorpio brides tend to be rich, full and luxurious. Colored lace - particularly vibrant shades such as Scarlet - is extremely popular with Scorpios and a sleek, streamlined silhouette is ideal for this sign. Scorpions will of course want to add that sting in the tail and a carefully-chosen lace appliqué will give that added, eye-catching extra.

Look out for the final part of our cosmic guide to bridal lace and other wedding dress material coming soon from Wedding Dress Fabrics!

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