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Bridal Lace and Wedding Dress Embel­lis­hments - Exclusive Offers!

Our team of bridal couture experts constantly collate and analyse information from hundreds of sources in order to bring you the very best wedding dress material. Here are four of our current favorites that are on special - check out the rest of the range right here and get the look for less with Wedding Dress Fabrics!

Ivory Lace - Halle

It is rare to find such a heavily embellished fabric that still has a feminine, delicate drape. True luxury has been been given free rein, richly-embroidered floral bouquets connecting seamlessly together and leading to matching, scalloped borders. A touch of glam is added with sequins which are lavishly hand-embroidered.

White Lace - Sarah

A corded lace featuring a bold and decorative spray motif of a trio of flowers, Sarah is one of our most popular wedding lace designs. Swirling, undulating foliage surrounds the flowers, drawing the eye to the fine detail of the borders which comprise an extraordinary 7-flower bouquet and soft, short fringe.

Crystal Embroidery - Diana

Named for the Goddess of the Moon, Diana crystal embroidery has a suitably otherworldly feel, circular shape and hypnotic monochrome coloration. Beads, pearls and diamantes have been artfully arranged in concentric bands, creating an unusual and evocative piece.

Lace Appliqué - Columba

Supplied as a symmetrical pair in either ivory or white lace, Columba lace appliqués are almost 12 inches in height, making them extremely striking. Pearls, beads and filigree thread add to the visual and textural excitement of Columba, which features a lovingly-designed arrangement of laser-cut Georgette and satin flowers.

If this isn’t enough for you and has only awakened your appetite for all things bridal, then check out the rest of our exclusive special offers for March 2015 from Wedding Dress Fabrics!

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