Bridal Fabrics Sent From Heaven...

If you were looking for a little bit of Devotion, Benevolence and Empathy in your life, one of the first places you might head along to is a religious group. But wait - do not miss our Bridal Fabrics on your way!

For we present to you our own version of these three noble qualities, each embodied in a material so perfect that it almost demands to be worshiped - enjoy the luxurious qualities in your wedding gown with the glorious delights of…


Wow! What a stunning and attractive impression is immediately given by this simply sumptuous fabric, created from the perfect 60 to 40 blend of acetate and viscose. The handle of this material is really remarkable and the sound it makes when swirled and swished is just fascinating, like a breeze on the beach. Try our free sample service to experience this magical effect for yourself. A refined and cultured palette of 10 colors is available, with the two most popular colors being the opposites of the vibrantly red Cardinal and the smoothness of Forest Green.


Weighing almost nothing, this is a polyester chiffon that has been sourced in the capital of haute couture fashion - italy. The drape is just perfect and there are 15 colors to choose from, including metallic colours and our own favorite which is Lilac. Or maybe Burgundy. We can never make up our minds! Which is YOUR favorite color?


This material is almost completely manufactured from polyester but has a little touch of a magic ingredient - elastane. This is the chemical that gives elastic its elasticity and so an amazing stretchiness is given to the material right the way through. Bend it, stretch it, flex it and shape it - you can create the most amazing effects with this strong yet delicate fabric and there are more than 15 colors to choose from.

These fabrics have really excited and stimulated our imaginations here at Wedding Dress Fabrics - and we can’t wait to see what they do to yours! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us for the online gallery.

Enjoy browsing our new designs and please do not hesitate to use our fast & free sample service.

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