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Bridal Couture in 2015 - The Bride Guide part 1

Our expert bridal team have been guests at many top bridal shows recently as we check out the upcoming trends for 2015. Get the inside information right here so you can become the most fashionable bride of the year! Here is part one of Wedding Dress Fabrics’ Top Six Trends for 2015 - The Bride Guide.

V for Vintage

Many of the designer wedding gowns we saw were inspired by a more glamorous, bygone era. Refined beaded lace and Art Deco wedding dress embel­lis­hments and wedding dress materials were out in full force, drawing on the immense popularity of hit British TV series Downton Abbey. Drop waists were a surprising yet welcome addition to the bridal couture runways while floating sleeves (of which more later) caught every envious eye.

To get that vintage look, why not try teaming Roberta lace with Leo crystal embroidery? The lace can be supplied in a full rainbow of color options and the soft pearls, dark ivory beads and silver sequins work perfectly with the old-time floral bouquet design. Leo crystal embroidery, one of our finest pieces, is hand-embroidered in India and complements Roberta beautifully.

Back it Up

Exciting, interesting and eye-catching back designs were a highlight of the runway, making sure that a designer’s creation was as much admired when the model was walking away from as well as towards us. Jaw-droppingly low, keyhole-shaped backs seemed to be extremely popular though the show was completely stolen by a gown with a jewel-encrusted back - the gems and crystals had been creatively attached to a profile-defining illusion mesh.

Our collection of bridal tulle and net is comprehensive and allows for the creation of a unique, exciting rear profile. Crystallised tulle from Wedding Dress Fabrics is perfect for recreating what we and many other fashionistas believe was the best wedding gown of the show - luxurious Swarovski crystals are used to achieve the regal, show-stealing look.

Cool Colors

White lace and ivory lace are in constant battle for the two top spots on the Most Popular Bridal Fabrics Color list. The third position is always hotly-contested and this year the winners have been tones from the warm end of the pastel color spectrum. Peach, Pink, Gold and Latte were all extremely popular choices though one dress successfully defied the convention and stood out in soft Powder mint.

Many of the wedding fabrics in our collection are available in all of these colors and more or can be dyed individually to order, allowing you to create the ideal look for you.

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