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Brand New and Exclusive — Luxury Lace

It is always great to get new things – and we are lucky here at Bridal Fabrics because we get them all the time! It is part of our dedication to our customers that we provide them with the widest, most diverse choice of material to create their dream gown and so our sourcing team are always out and about all over the world, choosing the very best examples of wedding fabrics they can find.

If we love new fabrics so much, then why don’t we add more?! It seems like a long time waiting for new fabrics and then, we only add a small number. This is because our team are very picky when it comes to deciding what we will put on display – there are unfortunately so many inferior fabrics out there and we only want you to have the best. So we only stock the best!

Here are our latest fab four that have passed the test…

Hester — ivory Raschel lace


This is a perfectly beautiful ivory Raschel lace and is a simple and subtle design yet one with great effectiveness and versatility. The fringed and scalloped edges contain a pretty lace design that you may have seen before - our Valerie lace is very similar except is embellished with beads.

Kate Trim — Kate lace

Kate Trim

Nobody can forget the stunning gown worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding, which used the approp­ri­ately-named Kate lace. This shot the design to the top of the charts, from where it has hardly slipped since. The trim that goes with it is now available in Black as the demand for this color has risen dramatically in recent months,

Sybil chantilly lace


A lovely chantilly lace that is quite unusual and exotic. It is hard to describe in words just how interesting the non-matching borders are and we recommend checking out the product video to get a more visual experience - you can also order a sample using our free service. As if the design were not gorgeous enough, elegant and distinctive cording is used for further beauty.

Birdie chantilly lace


Another unusual chantilly lace, this design does not feature flowers and instead relies on an interesting, abstract charm to provide its stunning look. We adore the scalloped and fringed edges, which feature touches of expert cording to make them even more enticing.

Enjoy checking out these new laces!

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