You'll Never Guess These Three Summer Bridal Trends..

Summer Bridal Trends

What season is it right now? If you answered ‘spring’ then you would be right - but not if you were a couture bridal designer! They are always thinking ahead and are now planning out the summertime; we have been keeping a close eye on developments and can share with you now THREE exciting tidbits of inside information. Ready for Summer 2016? You soon will be…

Ever noticed how we always have just the right fabric at just the right time? That’s because we make it our business to stay right on top of the latest bridal news to let YOU get the trendy look you want. So what are the latest sneaky whispers? We won't keep you waiting any longer.

The Color of 2016

You know the color-matching system used at paint-shops? Well that was invented by Pantone and is influential across a whole range of industries devoted to achieving a beautiful aesthetic. The company has just announced TWO colors of the year for 2016 and these are:

  • Rose Quartz - we are loving the soft and gentle blush color chosen first by Pantone, as it perfectly captures that moment when the sun peeps over the horizon on what you know is going to be a great day

  • Serenity - in the tranquil calm of a summer twilight, the sky turns that deep yet subtly-bright shade of blue - here it is in all its glory

We have lots of colored lace, including tones like these. Check them out!

Hair we Go!

The trend for hats that gripped everyone last year has fizzled out and lots of brides are opting for no veil either - just their own head of hair! Make sure your hairstyle has lots of glitter, glamour and sparkle by adding one of our bridal hair combs to the ensemble. Check out our range in the Jewelry section - we guarantee you will love the many different styles.

Demand Organza

A lovely fabric that weighs almost nothing, organza is back with a vivid, vibrant vengeance! Stardust - our polyester organza - is low in price yet high in aesthetic value; perfect as a base fabric. Want to feel truly stunning? Upgrade to Evolution silk organza for a tactile sensation that is truly beyond comparison.

We specialize in matching brides-to-be with their perfect fabric. Would you like us to match YOU to YOURS? Call us TODAY!

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