Worth the Wait - Ten Exclusive New Laces Now in Stock

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics range of wedding dress material, bridal lace, embellishments and accessories is an extensive one...
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The Platinum Bridal Fabrics range of wedding dress material, bridal lace, embellishments and accessories is an extensive one, offering an infinite variety of permutations. In order to maintain our enviable reputation as one of the biggest and most diverse suppliers of bridal fabrics in the UK, we continue to source and supply the very latest trends along with a host of tried and trusted favourites. With a biannual sourcing trip to Paris and a presence at every major bridal fashion event, Platinum Bridal Fabrics remain at the forefront of the bridal fabrics suppliers market.

Regular readers of this page will recall that Platinum Bridal Fabrics ordered an exclusive selection of new laces in September. Amidst much excitement, these laces have all arrived and orders are being sent out in time for Christmas. All of these new additions are already proving immensely popular.

The regal, elegant and luxurious Barbara is a wonderful new addition to our range of bridal lace. With a high level of embellishment and a strikingly unusual pattern of vertical lines, diamond-shaped motifs and small geometric shapes. The pearls, sequins and beads that make up these unique patterns and shapes reflect light in a dynamic way, giving a sense of movement and energy to the fabric. Barbara is a lace for a daring bride with a sharp sense of style, combining traditional and modern elements.

Vintage lace styles are currently enjoying an explosion in popularity, being seen everywhere from haute-couture catwalks to Hollywood movies. Rhiannon, another new addition to our bridal lace collection, is a wedding lace with a floral theme. Large, densely-embroidered flowers with beautifully-shaded petals are surrounded by smaller floral bouquets, all exhibiting the same delicately ivory-corded detail. A perfect complement to a bridal dress with a refined, classy feel, Rhiannon has fringed edges and matching scallops, making this vintage lace style look truly authentic.

With a delicate hexagonal tulle and clear, open areas of fabric enveloping decorative floral motifs, the prettily-named Lily is a sleekly ephemeral fabric. The centres of the flowers are highlighted with tubular and spherical diamantes and beads while a soft, fine thread outlines the petals. In a soft ivory colour, Lily has symmetrically-scalloped and fringed edges which will add an excitingly diaphanous tone to a simple, classic wedding dress.

These are just some of the several new laces that Platinum Bridal Fabrics are now pleased to supply as full rolls, part rolls or specified lengths. The other new members of the collection are Helena, Pamela, Maya, Audrey, Emily, Charmaine and Alice. For more information on these laces or any of our comprehensive selection of wedding dress fabric, lace applique, crystal motifs, embellishments and much more, please contact a member of our experienced team.

For more information then please call us today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

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