Wide Selection of Wedding Dress Fabrics!

Now that the worst of the winter months are over, we can start to look ahead to planning beautiful weddings and more excitingly Wedding Gowns. Brides all over the UK are busy planning, requesting samples to look at and contacting dress makers. Platinum Bridal Fabrics has the UK’s best range of Bridal Fabrics, Laces and Crystal Edgings and trimmings to make the wedding dress of your dreams.

We are often thought of in the trade as Lace specialists, but also have a great range of both silk and polyester fabrics to choose from. We offer Fabric samples free of charge and all our fabrics are available by the cut length on a next working day service. Come to us for all types of wedding fabrics imaginable:

Debutante –  Luxurious Silk Taffeta, measuring 138/140cms wide, with the classic taffeta rustle. We offer a range of 10 colours, 4 of which are aimed at the Bride’s dress and the other 6 for the Mother of the Bride or Bridesmaids. Debutante is a medium weight silk Taffeta and is great not only for wedding dresses but also ball gowns and “full” skirts, due to its crisp handle.

Supreme - Polyester Silky Duchess Satin, measuring 148cms wide and available in a range of 8 colours. Many people believe that is a silk fabric until we tell them the truth. It is a heavy, luxurious warp faced glossy satin, with a soft smooth handle and wonderful drape, which make it perfect to create full and beautiful dresses or skirts. It is principally used as the main fabric in wedding dresses as it flatters all shapes and looks so special. Duchess Satin originated from ancient China but in 2012, we have sourced this quality from Japan.

Cameo – Chinese Silk Dupion, measuring 110-112cms wide and available in a range of 13 colours. This fabric quality has an irregular weave with tiny slubs and nips showing. It is sometimes also referred to as raw silk and is used by many of the top couture bridal designers. Silk Dupion is a beautiful soft, yet firm fabric that is suitable for any style of wedding dress.

Contessa – Polyester Matt Duchess Satin measures 148cms wide and is available in a range of 22 colours. This fabric uses highly twisted yarns to create and highly dense weave and a “non snag” quality. Contessa has a firm handle and a very rich appearance which makes it perfect for corsets, waistcoats and full gowns as it maintains its shape during wear.

Princess – Polyester Satin Backed Faille, measuring 148cms wide and available in a range of 10 colours. This fabric is smooth and lustrous on the satin side and slightly crepe on the other. It is ideal for shift dresses or gowns that need to flow and drape. The colours appear extremely rich and lustrous.

Silhouette – Polyester Georgette, measuring 148cms wide and available in a range of 8 colours. This is a very light weight, “floaty” fabric often used as an overlay to a satin or dupion dress, giving it an elegant and floating appearance. It is also used in blouses, ribbons, scarves and lingerie. The threads used in Georgette Fabric has highly twisted, which causes them to crinkle slightly as they relax. They give it a crinkly, crepe like textures, which feels slightly rough but gives the fabric a bouncy flowing look.

Majestic – Polyester Duchess Sating, measuring 148cms wide and available in a range of 52 colours. This is a slightly lighter weight than Contessa and a more draping handle. It is commonly used in bridesmaid dresses, ties or cravats for the groom or for Mother of the Bride. Majestic is an extremely versatile fabric that can be made up into a whole variety of shapes and styles that is relatively resilient to creasing.

Ermine – Synthetic Fur, available only in Ivory. Ermine has a luxurious deep pile and is perfect for Wraps, Shrugs, Capes and Muffs.

Emperor – a Cotton Pile Velvet, measuring 148cms wide and available in a tailored choice of 4 colours. Our velvet is medium weight and made out of cotton. It can be used all year round but is most commonly used in the colder months. It can be used in a variety of purposes – bodices, skirts, sleeves and overlays. Away from the Wedding theme, we supply this into the theatrical market and also Morris Dancing.

Stardust – Polyester Organza, measuring 148cm wide and available in 3 colours. Elegance is a little like Georgette, but slightly heavier and stiffer with a slightly crisp handle. It is great for overlays, veils, trains and full skirts.

Carnival – A polyamide Tulle, measuring 150cms and available in 24 colours. A very fine net, that is slightly stiffer than chiffon or organza but looser than netting. Tulle can be used for many uses from Bridal Dresses over lays, ballet Tutus, underskirts and petticoat, to create a shapely bell sharp. Tulle netting is often starched to give it extra rigidity. Veils are often made out of Tulles, as it obscures the features of the wearer's face, whilst allowing the wearer to see out.

Crystal Embellished Fabrics – We have sent 3 of our standard base fabrics to be Embellished by Crystals in Austria, using Swarovski Crystals. The crystals are spaced at intervals of 10cms on the Carnival, Stardust and Contessa. These will add sparkle to any wedding dress.

Elegance - Polyester Yarn Dyed Taffeta, measuring 148cms wide and available in 3 bridal colours. This is a smooth, crisp plain woven fabric, suitable for use in ball gowns and wedding dresses.

Ascot - Polyester, economy satin, measuring 149/150cms wide and available in 20 colours. Ascot is highly lustrous and can be used both for trimmings and as a luxury lining fabric. It has a very smooth handle and will provide body to a skirt or dress.

If you are not sure what material you would like then why not call our expert team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.