White Lace? Ivory Lace? How do you Choose?!

White Lace? Ivory Lace? How do you Choose?!

Choosing between ivory lace and white lace is an age-old dilemma. Bridal Fabrics offer five tips in helping you set the perfect tone for your perfect day.

Choosing between ivory lace and white lace for the wedding gown is an age-old dilemma. So, how DO you make the right decision? Here, Platinum Bridal Fabrics offer five tips in helping you set the perfect tone for your perfect day.

Skin Shades

White lace goes well with fair and bronze complexions while ladies with olive and rich brown tones are complemented more by ivory. This of course differs from woman to woman and things like hair and eye colour can also make a difference. Blue eyes make the perfect reflective backdrop for a dazzling white gown which the subtler, creamier hue of ivory dramatically highlights hazel or green eyes.

Don’t Hesitate to Coordinate!

Other decorative and functional elements of the wedding must be considered in relation to dress colour, a fact that is often overlooked but then becomes glaringly obvious when it is too late. Things like catering linen, wedding decorations and even wedding cake icing should not be pure white if the bride is to wear ivory and the reverse also holds true.

Blooming Beautiful

If you’re thinking of white, then you can go for almost any flower as it makes a perfect backdrop! Red roses, those most romantic of blooms, look gorgeous against white wedding dress material, standing vividly and proudly out. Ivory dresses work best with subtly-coloured flowers but don’t make the mistake of going for pure white blooms.

Light up the Aisle

Lighting will have a big effect on how your dress looks so make sure you examine the material in a similar light to where your wedding and photos will happen. If you’re going to be out in bright sunlight or under fluorescent light, white can become a little dazzling and many make you look washed out in photographs. In darker lights such as candles or party lights, dresses of ivory material may look faded and cause the bride’s face to become less visible.

Have it Both Ways!

If you really can’t make the classic’ White Lace or Ivory Lace?’ decision, you could choose to go for an exciting combination of both! It is a look that can be difficult to pull off but talented designers such as Chantelle Pike of ChantelleSophia Bridalwear make it look easy - check out the exquisite picture she sent us recently and you will see what we mean!

White lace? Ivory lace? White AND Ivory Lace?! The choice is yours..

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