White Lace Back in Pole Position

So enduringly-popular is the image of a white wedding dress, it can be difficult to believe that the look only became widely imitated after the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840; before that time, ivory lace was almost exclusively used. Since the white wedding gown burst onto the scene, however, the colour has been in close competition with ivory, with neither seeming to hold the top spot for very long!

This ever-swinging pendulum is currently pointing directly to white, with an explosion in the number of gowns of that tone. White lace is particularly versatile; well-suited to the differing light qualities of every season, it also makes the perfect backdrop for all flowers, casually taking on their varying hues as the bride moves.

By simply clicking ‘White Lace’ from the ‘Lace’ section of our uniquely cross-referenced website, you will reveal the complete stunning collection available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Each lace has been specially selected for its quality in both design and craftsmanship and we have made sure that a wide cross-section has been presented in our eclectic range; whether you want a contemporary edge or a vintage lace look, there is something here for the most discerning bride.

Heather Ribbon Lace

This astounding design is highly unusual, formed as it is from repeating spirals of sumptuous rosettes; each rosette has been formed using a high-gloss ribbon which has been painstakingly embroidered onto the finest of mesh grounds. As if Heather white lace fabric was not statement enough, the design is also available in black to suit the most daring bride.

Zoe Laser Lace

This white lace is pure, unadulterated luxury. In an evocative vintage lace style, hanging tendrils of primroses cascade downward, leading the eye past raised satin flowers which each centre upon a glittering diamanté. These catch our attention for a decadent moment before tubular beads, embroidered buds and a glamorous metallic thread crowd in to announce the border, which comprises a pair of gorgeous floral designed that are connected to a laser lace base with more expert use of filigree thread. For those still faithful to ivory, Zoe laser lace is also available in that classic colour.

Nikita Feather Lace

Nikita was originally only available in ivory but, by popular demand, we now supply the design in white as well. The lace is bang-on-trend, featuring as it does a host of the ethereal feathers that have recently been seen on catwalks and red carpets alike. Beads, sequins pearls and filigree thread are used expertly to adorn a truly unique lace that will be that talk of the day.

Check out our entire collection of white lace and, if you need advice on choosing the perfect fabric of your dreams, do not hesitate to call our experienced and professional bridal team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.