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It's new and it's for YOU! So, which of these new corded lace appliques do you think is the best?

Peacock - Embroidered Lace AppliqueWe are absolutely loving the weather we have had recently - after that wild winter, it is such an excitement to see and feel the sun again! There is a sense of newness and freshness in the air and, right on cue, we have got three brand new lace appliques for you to discover in our Spring selection. Each is, of course, divine and luxurious - it’s up to you to decide which one is absolutely perfect…

Peacock - Embroidered Lace Applique

The peacock is perhaps nature’s most beautiful and eye-catching creation when its impressive feathers are fully raised. Echoing this flamboyant shape, Peacock ivory lace applique is bold, large and ultra-dramatic though (unlike the peacock himself who often gets into a bit of a flap!) the drama is curbed with the elegant refrain shown by the applique’s designer. We think this piece would look perfect on the back of a wedding dress but we can’t wait to see what other unique ideas you have..

Snowdrop - Ivory Lace Applique

For those of you who like that vintage antique lace look, Snowdrop is going to have you in Downton Abbey heaven before you can say ‘Maggie Smith’! A classic design has been created by an expert hand, using ivory tulle that has been embellished and enhanced with subtle yet unmissable cording. There are lots of ways this piece could be used - what ideas are YOU having right now..?

Fern - Corded Lace Applique

From the absolutely antique to the completely contemporary in a single step, Fern brings us right up-to-the-minute with a singularly-emphatic bang. In an abstract floral shape, long, thin and stylish petals radiate outwards from the centre, leading the eye on an enchanting dance. The colouration of Fern displays a lovely richness that ensures the profound depth and HD clarity of the light it reflects.

So, which of these new corded lace appliques do YOU think is the best? Vote now! You can send us an email or connect with us on social media - why not join in the fun right away? We have our favourite here at Bridal Fabrics HQ But we’re not telling; see if your favourite matches ours in a news article coming soon and make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss out.

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