Weddings, Wings and Weird Words...

An important part of the design process for a unique wedding dress is the art of combination. If we were to express in words, we would have to say its like the Bake Off! Every one starts off with the simple ingredients and before you know it a beautiful unique masterpiece has been created in so may different ways.  

Ivory Beaded Lace - Chantelle Ivory Corded Lace Applique - Peacock

Anyway, the important thing is that the right combination of these essential components can create WAY more excitement, drama and oh-my-god-she’s-so-beautiful than you at first intended, with each garment increasing the effect of the other into an exponential whirl of inspiring, bubbly, bridal delight.

Let’s show you exactly what we mean. Our bridal experts have been ‘working’ hard to create a combination that captures everything we’re describing right now. We use the inverted commas on ‘working’ because really they’ve been having the time of their lives, given permission to spend the day doing what they enjoy the most; immersing themselves in the bridal fabric world. And, credit where it’s due, they always come up with the goods.

The lace is presented first, which is how it should be. Behold Chantelle; this is an ivory lace that takes flamboyant by the scruff of the neck and replaces it with only superlatives. In fact, we’re not sure that even words such as ‘prettiest’, ‘loveliest’ or even ‘best’ quite match up. We would make up words to describe the heavenly embellishments, wing-shapes, luxurious pearls, white feathers, Champagne filigree, unique borders and heavy, oh-so-sophisticated swish but we think its better than perfect meringue peaks.

So, which lace applique is up to the job of sharing such close proximity with the divine Chantelle? Our designers have unanimously agreed on Peacock, which given the size and complex pattern design is a perfectly-apt name. Ivory tulle is the base for the careful, artisan embroidery which is then further beautified with expert cording technique.

Once again, words are sadly not up to the job of truly conveying to you just how precious this piece of heaven really is. So we will stay on the practical side and tell you that Peacock is just perfect for the back of a wow-oh-my-god-it’s-amazing wedding gown but, if your creative urges lead you to position it elsewhere, then we think you should go with it. And send us the pictures!

Check out this dynamic duo HERE and HERE.


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