Wedding Trends for 2019: Bridal Tulle

Tulle is a staple fabric of wedding couture and has become increasingly popular year after year. High-end designers and fashion houses have been creating ever-more ambitious garments using the material, with names like Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent, Delpozo, Rocha and Alexander McQueen all embracing its ethereal, fairytale qualities.

During the 1700s, when lace production started to increase, tulle was woven by hand in a painstaking, time-consuming process. A weaving machine that could efficiently produce tulle was patented in 1809, causing prohibitive prices to fall and bringing the material to a wider audience. Tulle was immediately popular and became a staple fabric for wedding dresses, evening wear and even lingerie.

There are more than 20 different varieties of tulle fabric available here at Bridal Fabrics: here are three of our favourites...

Twilight Sequinned Tulle

Wedding dress material with a floral theme will always be popular but recent seasons have seen a distinct move towards more abstract designs. Twilight Sequinned Tulle was born of this trend and features a large, bold zigzag running across the fabric, created using highly-reflective sequins. The design is available in a choice of either Ivory, Silver or Champagne.

Phenomenon Silk Tulle

Many modern tulles are made using synthetic fabrics but Phenomenon is 100% silk, just like the original tulle woven by hand centuries ago. Phenomenon weighs 5 mommy and has a firm handle that can be softened by hand-washing the fabric at 40 degrees. If the generous width of 370cm is too large, choose Sensation: the same silk tulle material but with a reduced width of 185cm.
Silk Tulle (370cms­/145") – Phenomenon

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