Wedding Outfit Wonderland: Pride on your Side

Pride on your Side: Wedding Outfit Wonderland

Be proud of yourself and be proud of your wedding outfit too!
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You might think the UK's biggest Pride festival would be in London or Manchester but in fact it's somewhere much more scenic: Brighton and Hove. Not only is it the biggest, but it's also widely acclaimed as the most popular.

The area has a large, thriving and highly-visible LGBT population and, as well as being a giant party, Pride also has much deeper significance, raising awareness of LGBT culture, promoting equality, diversity and friendship and raising vital funds for a variety of charities.

Since the 29th of March 2014, same-sex marriages have been officially recognised in the UK and, from our point of view here at Bridal Fabrics, that can only be a good thing because it means many more of our favourite things: weddings! And weddings means dressing your best to impress: something everyone who attends Pride knows the blissful joy of doing.

Here are two very different outfit ideas to inspire your own wedding chic: there's something to suit everyone no matter how you identify. All that matters is that you identify as FABULOUS. We've got the fabrics to make it happen.


Jump for Joy

Ivory Lace - Capriana

The jumpsuited bride is ready for anything and everything, effortlessly combining couture class with practical perfection. In these images, the bold and beautiful bride steals the show in her wedding jumpsuit, made using Capriana Ivory Lace from Bridal Fabrics. Blending together an enticing mixture of weaves and designs, Capriana Ivory Lace features delicate cording and ethereal translucent sequins.


Simply Separates

Polyester Duchess Satin (148cm/58") - Contessa (Lighter Shades)

Made using Contessa Duchess Satin, the superlative separates worn by this bride give her a fresh, light and natural aesthetic. Contessa is a fabric you'll see mentioned a lot in our news pages, often in relation to very different bridal trends: this is because the soft yet strong material, available in a choice of 20 colours, is so incredibly versatile.


 Have a happy, safe and glittery time and, if you meet that someone special and there are wedding bells in the air, then you know who to come to for wedding dress material that is elegant but extravagant, daring but delightful and purely, perpetually proud.

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