Wedding Lace: Special 40% Discount Offer

Save 40% on these stunning lace fabrics
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With the widest possible selection of wedding dress material, Bridal Fabrics has something to suit every taste, budget and style. We currently have plenty of special offers that allow you to enjoy more of your favorite fabrics: here is a selection of lace fabrics that are all reduced in price by a massive 40%. Enjoy!


Dionne: Ivory Corded Lace

An exciting visual feast of floral motifs, Dionne Ivory Lace is beautifully corded to deliver an engaging, evocative effect. A consistent bestseller here at Bridal Fabrics, this popular style features fringed and scalloped edges and can be used in many ways to create exciting, unique wedding gowns.

Jamie: Ivory Beaded Lace

Starting with Sarah lace as a background, our designer has embroidered beads and sequins by hand to create this delightful lace fabric. With a deliciously soft handle and a hypnotic array of swirling stems and leaves surrounding floral motifs, this lace is fine, feminine and totally fabulous.

Gabby: Embroidered Lace

A simple, subtle style that is available in either Gold or Ivory, Gabby embroidered lace starts with a high quality tulle background. Embroidered islands stand out proud from this stunning background, creating a rich and attractive lace fabric that is bound to command attention.

Gianna: Ivory Embroidered Lace

This is an extremely visually striking lace fabric design, that is based on a repeating pattern of symmetrical rivulets. Across these streak mesmerizing patterns: cross-hatches, leaves, stripes, circles and lattice work explode in total Guipure grandeur. Amazing!

There are many more lace fabric styles to discover in the "Summer Sale" section of our website so browse now to find your perfect wedding dress material!

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