Wedding Dress Material: Remember the Reds!

Remembrance Day is coming up and everyone at Bridal Fabrics is already proudly wearing their poppies. Have you got yours? We have been inspired to put together a collection of red wedding dress material for you to enjoy.

Red is a colour that has always been associated with love, strong emotion, drama, excitement and passion. It is an unusual choice for a wedding gown but this only adds further to its sense of mystery, intrigue and uniqueness.

Annika Red Lace

Framed by matching scalloped edges, this daring and eyecatching lace fabric design utilises dense embroidery combined with a lightweight tulle, creating a mesmerising effect. An abundance of leaves and flowers nestle together, each outlined with lustrous cord in a breathtakingly-feminine display. If you like this style but prefer a more embellished look and classic colour, check out Svetlana lace fabric.

Red Lace - Annika

Fleur Red Beaded Embroidery Lace

Starting with a fine tulle base of a rich red colouration, the designer has skillfully embroidered an undulating series of flowers-and-foliage motifs which extends practically from edge to edge. Further embellishment, in the form of exquisite beadwork, has been added to give a glamorous finishing touch.

Red Beaded Lace - Fleur

Poppy Red Beaded and Corded Lace Appliques

Supplied as symmetrical pairs, these delightful appliques have been carefully embroidered onto a tulle base, making them easy to sew on to a wedding gown. Stylish cording works in harmony with pearls, diamantés and beads to create the perfect wedding dress embellishment.

Red Lace Applique - Poppy

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