Gorgeous Glitter Tulle Fabrics

Who doesn't love a bit of glitter? In fact, who doesn't love a LOT of glitter?! Tulle is a versatile and flexible fabric offering infinite possibilities to designers and brides: when that tulle has added glitter, it becomes even more exciting. In this edition of the Bridal Fabrics blog, we will be showcasing six fabulous styles of bridal tulle, all of which have been glitterised to glorious effect.

Sorcery: Glitter Tulle

Magical and bewitching, Sorcery glitter tulle certainly lives up to its name! Available as a Black, Ivory or Champagne coloured tulle sprinkled generously with silver glitter, Sorcery is a glamorous and elegant choice.

Appeal: Glitter Tulle

The appeal of Appeal is plain to see, heavily adorned as it is with beautiful, light-catching glitter. As well as catching the light playfully, this ivory glitter tulle also immediately catches the eye with its hypnotic sparkle.

Excitement: Glitter Tulle

Another glitter tulle with a perfectly apt name, Excitement will simply take your breath away. Onto a base of soft ivory tulle, our designer has added lots of glittering embellishment, resulting in a visually-arresting wedding dress material that feels just as good as it looks.


Razzmattaz: Glitter Tulle

Simple yet sophisticated, Razzmattaz has a delightful handle and regal drape. The glitter has been expertly adhered by our designer, who has chosen to create a subtle organic pattern using the sparkling embellishment.


Captivation: Glitter Tulle

Swirling patterns of glitter combine to give a unique aesthetic to this alluring glitter tulle. At no less than 300cm wide, Captivation is especially generous in size, adding to its versatility.


Juggler: Glitter Tulle

Decadently dramatic, Juggler glitter tulle has a shimmer to it that really must be seen to be believed!


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