Wedding Dress Embellishments - Save 15%!

Please enjoy checking out these and the other wedding dress materials that are currently featuring in our ‘Exclusive Offers’ section. For more information and ideas, please contact our expert team on 01254 873333 or email

Lace appliqués and trims remain amongst the most sought-after wedding dress embellishments and Platinum Bridal Fabric stock hundreds of exciting styles. To make choosing your perfect embellishment even more rewarding, the November crop of ‘Exclusive Offers’ in the dedicated section of our website features 11 lace trims and appliqués reduced in price by a fantastic 15%.

Lace Appliqués - Alexandra

Alexandra wedding lace is available in a full spectrum of colours and also has a matching lace trim. One of our best-selling laces since it was added to our glamorous range, the Alexandra lace collection now has a complementary Alexandra lace appliqué available featuring the signature swirling foliage and dramatic floral designs. The appliqués can be supplied in either Black or White and create a look that is at once refined and dramatic.

Crystal Embroidery - Aries

Large and showy yet with an inherent elegance, Aries crystal embroidery is a daring choice and is composed of clustering diamantés that form an abstract floral shape. These classy wedding dress embellishments have been hand-embroidered before fine tulle has been used to overlay the diamantés, producing an entrancing visual mélange that is enhanced by sequins, filigree thread, pearls and tubular beads.

Crystal Trim - Supernova

Just as powerful and explosive as it name suggests, Supernova crystal trim will take your breath away with its riotous combination of transparent sequins, striking diamantés and Champagne-coloured tubular beads. This trim is particularly reflective, a sophisticated and stylish look that is added to with the expert use of metallic thread.