New Crystal Embroideries - Wedding Dress Embellishments

Crystal embroideries are beautiful wedding dress embellishments that are often used at the waistband to gorgeous effect. The motifs, which have become extremely popular this year among wedding dress designers, can also be used creatively in a number of other ways, including to embellish bridal accessories such as handbags. Two new crystal motifs have been added to our eclectic range: Mirabelle and Gisele.

Mirabelle derives from the Latin word mirabilis, meaning ‘wonderful’. Never has a name been more aptly chosen; Mirabelle is a truly wondrous embellishment that has inspired the imagination of many of our customers. The overall shape of the design is somewhere between a star and a diamond, the perfect outline to surround the stellar array of pearls, sequins, diamantes and beads that playfully shimmer as they catch the light. Glitz, glamour and flamboyance are words that perfectly encapsulate the inimitable style of Mirabelle crystal embroideries, which are finished with a luxurious metallic thread.

Joining Mirabelle in our new collection of crystal wedding dress embellishments is Gisele, a crystal embroidery that has been heavily embellished to produce an entrancing effect. Pearls, sequins, beads and diamantes have been attached with an exciting selection of embroidery threads to add an enticing lustre to this well-proportioned design which takes the form of a diamond whose four points have been highlighted with large silver beads. Bold and striking yet still quintessentially feminine, Gisele is predicted to become a favourite of our customers.

Both of these new crystal embellishments will be available to purchase in December 2013: pre-orders are now being accepted and updates will be posted soon within these news pages. To make sure you never miss any updates from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, please subscribe to our exciting newsletter.

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