We Love Lusi — And We Know YOU Will Too...

Hold the front page -  in a bold and exciting step, Bridal Fabrics have teamed up with a very exclusive designer to bring you an equally-exclusive collection of lace that is going to blow your bridal stockings off! We suggest that you sit back and relax before checking out these brand new, beautiful wedding dress laces - you will need every last bit of breath you can muster to gasp in wonder as each fabric is revealed and we are not even exaggerating. Prepare for perfection…

Firstly, we can reveal that the designer with whom we are making this historic connection is Lusi Embroideries, a company that has been successfully established for more than half a century. It was in 1964 that the Tubaldos, Luciana and Silvio, decided that their years of experience with embroidery needed to be brought to a wider audience. Investment and lots of hard work combined with that intangible yet essential factor - raw natural talent - ensured the venture was a swift success, quickly propelling the family to fame throughout their native Italy.

Lusi Embroideries is still a family-run company - and still by the same family, now in its second generation. Seamlessly blending their expertise with a healthy dose of experimentation, the family produce materials of exquisite quality, featuring high-end craftsmanship of the most refined sophistication. Working closely with carefully-selected brands all over the world, Lusi continue to innovate and excite, remaining at the forefront of bridal couture.

After much agonised deliberation, the final four laces were decided upon and added to our collection. A long wait while all the details were finalised is over and now available to fall in love with, purchase and then treasure forever are:

Ivory embroidery lace Sloane - this is a showcase of the many embroidery techniques utilised by designers at Lusi and so gives a very unusual effect. The detailed pattern extends right to the edge of the soft tulle base in the same way on either side, though is half-dropped to further heighten its uniqueness. Check out the video on the product page to see this effect in action
Ivory embroidery lace Briella - if luxury is your thing then say hello to Briella, a lace with a feminine floral design that captures the imagination with its seemingly-infinite variety of blooms. The eyes are just as completely captured by the addition of a single, subtle golden filigree thread
Ashlyn Ashlyn - this divine material also uses filigree thread to wondrous effect, only this time it is silver and designed to really catch the light. A textured look is achieved using various types of embroidery to form a striking, bold and dramatic pattern
Ivory embroidery lace rowan Rowan - the final design of the four is pretty, sweet and dreamy, ready to help create that perfect fairytale wedding. This lace really has to be seen to be believed and appreciated properly, so why not take advantage of our free sample service?

You deserve the very best on your wedding day and lace by Lusi Embroideries definitely falls into that category. Which of our fabulous four will be your ideal ivory?