Valentine's Day Special Offers

Valentine's Day Special Offers

One of the most romantic days of the year to get married is February the 14th: Saint Valentine's Day

One of the most romantic days of the year to get married is February the 14th: Saint Valentine's Day. To celebrate this special event, Platinum Bridal Fabrics are offering a fantastic 10% discount across our entire range of crystal trims and motifs when ordered between 10th and 17th February inclusive. The promotion code will be sent to your personal email address on Monday 27th January so make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter!

The tale of Valentinus, a Christian minister during the time of the Roman Empire, is both romantic and tragic. One of the empire's many harsh rulings was to forbid soldiers to marry, a practice that Valentinus found impossible to accept. In secret, Valentinus would illegally conduct wedding ceremonies for such soldiers, as well as providing forbidden ministry to practicing Christians. When these illicit practices were discovered, Valentinus was quickly imprisoned and spent several years in jail awaiting execution. During this time, Valentinus is said to have healed the ailing daughter of his jailer and had become enamoured of her; his final missive to the girl was a goodbye note signed 'from your Valentine'.

The tragic story of Valentinus was popularised by the renowned writer Geoffrey Chaucer during the 14th century and, by the beginning of the 15th century, St. Valentine's Day had become a popular celebration. Nothing much has really changed; sweethearts still send each other greetings cards signed 'from your Valentine' and exchange romantic gifts.

Crystal trims are perfect for enhancing the bust and waistline of a wedding gown and our excellent selection offers everything from the subtle and understated to the flamboyant and extravagant. Falling firmly into this latter category is Exodus, a hand-embroidered crystal trim with a tulle base of fine ivory. Expertly applying a selection of wire, diamantes and beads, our talented designer has lovingly crafted this embellishment with a breathtaking design of bold flowers. A softer effect is offered by Gemini, a narrow crystal trim featuring Celtic-style silver swirls enhanced with opaque diamante highlights.

Adding a final flourish to the wedding gown, crystal motifs are elegant and exciting. The gorgeous embellishments continue to be popular with haute-couture bridal designers who use the highly-embellished items to add glitz and glamour to their collections. The bride seeking something really special cannot fail to be impressed by Carnation, a large and striking design that shimmers with pearls, beads and diamantes. Equally striking yet much more delicate is Regina, a glamorous and opulent motif created with spherical and tubular beads, silver metallic thread and luxurious diamantes.

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