Transform your Bridal Fabric into a Gown

Transform your Bridal Fabric into a Gown

You have taken the plunge and accepted the proposal – that’s it you're getting married!

You have taken the plunge and accepted the proposal – that’s it your getting married! After trekking around various bridal boutiques, department stores and other wedding dress shops you simply haven’t found the wedding dress of your dreams at the price you want. The only option you have is to create your own and select your bridal fabric.

First thing is first you need to work out exactly what it is you are looking for and then decide whether or not you will use a readymade pattern or draw up your own. You can hire a tailor or dressmaker who will take the design you want and turn it into a pattern for you which is the same or as close as possible to the dress you have designed.

How do you find the perfect wedding dressmaker for you?

Bridal Fabrics know what it is like when frantic brides-to –be are trying to track down a dressmaker that they can trust enough to make their dream wedding gown and one who will meet their requirements. We have come up with some suggestions on how you can find your perfect dressmaker:

Referrals from friends and family are great because if they have had experience with one you can see photos of their dress or will have remembered their wedding dress when you attended their wedding. Think about how it was made and whether it was high quality and looked good and if this is the case then find out their contact details.

The internet, now almost every reputable company has a website of some sort online and that includes dressmakers. Search online but be careful and make sure that you read reviews. If you do contact one ask them if they have a portfolio or any garments they can show which they have made before choosing them to make the wedding dress for one of the biggest days of your life.

Quality Bridal Fabric Shops, For those selling high end bridal fabric they may well have connections to quality dress makers as part of their services. You should check with them to see if they can recommend anyone who is connected to them as in most cases these will be dressmakers who hold a vast amount of experience in regards to making wedding dresses.

When you find a dress maker it is important that you get an approximated cost and what this includes as some will charge extra for the adding of appliqué, buttons, zippers and crystal embellishments. Ensure that you set a deadline with your dressmaker for when the wedding dress needs to be completed and if possible try and make this date a good few weeks before your actual wedding date.

After you have set your deadline date ensure that you keep your diary free so that you can attend any fittings that you will be required for. Holding off dress fittings will simply lengthen the time it takes to make the dress as the dressmaker needs to ensure that the wedding dress fits before they can continue in the creation of it.

Following our simple hints and tips we hope that you will find the wedding dressmaker which is suitable to your exact requirements and that you get the wedding dress of your dreams.

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