Tomorrow's Trends - Bridal Fabrics in 2013

As 2012 draws to a close, designers and fashionistas are already predicting what the bridal fashion trends of 2013 will be.

As this new year begins, designers and fashionistas are predicting what the bridal fashion trends of 2013 will be. At Platinum Bridal Fabrics, we always have our finger firmly on the pulse of developing trends as we seek to bring the very best wedding dress material, bridal lace and embellishments to our customers.

Crystal embellishments are already massively popular but experts predict this trend to grow even stronger in 2013. Brides will bring back some dazzling splendour to the aisle, showing off highly-embellished sleeves and bodices and adding drama to the occasion. Slinky dresses adorned with carefully-chosen glittering beads and crystals are set to be the choice of the most up-to-date brides; aligned in a variety of patterns and styles, these glistening crystals bring vibrancy and life to any wedding gown, imbuing it with light and shadow.

Keyhole backs and long sleeves are predicted to become the height of fashion as we move into the new year. Keyhole backs have a regal charm; sophisticated and seductive, this shape is favoured by a daring bride with a real sense of occasion. Covering the arms in long sleeves of dramatically-patterned lace evokes an effect from a glamourous, bygone era, admirably fulfilling the fast-emerging trend for vintage lace styles.

Chantilly lace has always been popular but haute-couture designers, including Vera Wang and Kenneth Pool, have really brought it to the forefront of bridal fashion. Teamed with tulle, the lace produces an ethereal and diaphanous effect, bringing to mind a ballerina or princess with its delicate and sensuous texture. Utilised with bold floral lace applique, this exquisite fabric is predicted to top the bridal fashion charts in early 2013.

Neglected for some time, gloves are now beginning to feature more as part of the bridal ensemble. As vintage lace has become more popular, the whole vintage look has also followed on. Gloves give a bold and enticing edge to the final wedding outfit and can be given a variety of embellishments to catch light and playfully and coquettishly refract it. Adding a real touch of drama when they are removed in order to receive the wedding ring, gloves are the choice of the stylish and sophisticated bride.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics pride ourselves on being able to supply an extensive range of bridal lace, wedding dress fabric, lace applique and crystal embellishments to our customers, along with professional advice and support on how to get the best from them. Supplying high-quality dress fabric online and continuing to provide impeccable customer service has cemented our reputation as one of the best bridal fabric suppliers in the UK and we continue to work to the highest standards in order to maintain it. We will continue to work hard to make sure that we are able to provide today's bride with the most comprehensive range of choices and that we are fully aware of changing trends.

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