Today's Students, Tomorrow's Stylists

Today's Students, Tomorrow's Stylists

We supply wedding fabrics to a diverse range of customers

Today's emerging designers are tomorrow's trendsetters, influencers and style gurus. Our clients are as diverse as our unrivalled collection of wedding fabrics and, whether they are well-established couture designers, students at the start of their career or anything in between, we here at Bridal Fabrics offer them the same bespoke, personal customer service on which our reputation is built.

Emily Deaville Fiesta Black

We recently got in touch with Emily Deaville, a Bridal Fabrics customer who is a fashion design student approaching her final year (she is also the founder of the eponymous Emily Deaville Costumes), to ask her about her work, her opinions on bridal trends and her experience with Bridal Fabrics.

"As an emerging designer, finding your own stand-out style can be tricky," she said, "but taking inspiration from current trends can be helpful. Applying your own uniqueness to your designs helps enhance your brand, and for me I feel that my designs are heavily based upon embellishment and boho styles." Asked about current and upcoming bridalwear trends, Emily said, "I think that the boho style is very much a current trend within the industry and I feel that trouser styles and capes are on the up."

As you can clearly see from this stunning image, which features a hat-and-veil combo made using our black flock tulle 'Fiesta'. Emily is immensely talented and we are extremely proud to supply our fabrics to her. "My experience with Bridal Fabrics has been really good," she told us, "..the fabrics that they sell are such amazing quality and the price is  reasonable. As a student, they have happily accommodated me as any other customer and have not treated me badly which some other companies have."

We look forward to working with Emily in the future as she enters her final year at university and it appears the feeling is definitely mutual. "For my two final projects," she said, "I intend on using Bridal Fabrics as the main supplier for my final outcomes, because I want top quality fabrics to finish my bridal projects with."

If you want to see more of Emily's work (and of course you do!), check out her Facebook page. 

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