Three Lovely Laces

Three Lovely Laces

Bridal Fabrics are waiting until October for some beautiful new designs to arrive.

The arrival of new laces and fabrics is always an exciting time at Platinum Bridal Fabrics and so it is with great impatience that we are waiting until October for some beautiful new designs to arrive. Highly alluring and feminine, exquisite bridal lace can make even the plainest wedding dress material into a work of art when applied with creativity. We pride ourselves on having a huge selection of lace to choose from, enabling the bride to make her perfect wedding dress. Because a wedding dress is such a personal garment, we continually add new laces to our collection, giving the ultimate in choice and quality.

One of our new laces is the prettily-named ‘Miranda’. A beautiful corded ivory lace, it features a variety of different types and sizes of flowers, making it a highly feminine choice. The matching scalloped edges perfectly complement the design, which measures 132 centimetres in width.

We have called our next exciting new lace ‘Emily’. A more traditional design than ‘Miranda’, the matching edges of the lace feature delicate fringes measuring just over half a centimetre. Large flowers extend into the body of the lace, some as large as 8 centimetres. The design, which features a variety of weaving techniques to create a stunning tulle effect, will be available in ivory.

Our third new lace is a variation on an old favourite. Previously, the ‘Amelia’ lace was only available in traditional ivory but due to popular demand we are pleased to now be able to offer it in white. The lace has a motif of three flowers, delicately and expertly corded to outline their shape and measures between 137-140 centimetres.

All of these wonderful bridal fabrics will be available in October this year but we are offering a pre-order service in order to ensure our customers get their fabulous lace on time. As with all of our laces, they can be bought as a full piece or cut to any required length, making it convenient for the increasing popular idea of combining two different types of lace to make stunning, unique creations. Samples are available on request and our dedicated team are always on hand to assist and advise. Please browse our selection of lace and other wedding dress material, brocades and embellishments. Creating the perfect wedding dress is complex but rewarding; we intend to assist at every step with our expert knowledge and superior product quality.

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