These New Fabrics Deserve To Be Worshipped!

Bow to the beauty our new bridal fabrics! Free samples are available should you wish to examine the perfect beauty of this wedding dress material for yourself.

Devotion. Empathy. Benevolence. No, we haven't suddenly transformed ourselves into a religious order - these are the beautiful and evocative names given to the trio of new fabrics available and, when you see and feel them for yourself, you will understand exactly why we have titled them in such a reverential and worshipful way!

We are really excited about these three new fabrics, which are all extremely versatile and of the standard high quality you expect from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Free samples are of course readily available should you wish to examine the perfect beauty of this wedding dress material for yourself.


This stunning fabric is an acetate viscose satin, the two materials blended expertly together in a 60:40 ratio to give a wonderfully smooth handle that is like a whisper of summer breeze through the treetops. It is perfect for making bridesmaid dresses and comes in a selection of 10 vibrant tones, from the bright and vivacious Cardinal to the shimmering and ornamental Forest Green.


Manufactured from 97% polyester with a 3% touch of elastane, this is a sumptuously stretchy satin that is ideal for creating unique, magical effects. The addition of elastane that gives the stretch also imbues the material with more strength than an average satin, allowing it to be worked into more extreme styles - let your imagination go wild! A huge palette of colours spans the spectrum through Turquoise, Rose and Aubergine, taking in metallic and classic colours along the way


Smooth and lightweight, this polyester chiffon comes all the way from fashionable Italy and has an absolutely gorgeous drape. No minimum quantities means you can order as much or as little as you like, choosing from 15 beautiful colours including Lilac, Gold and Burgundy.

So, if you are looking forward to your wedding and deciding on which fabrics to use, then you should definitely check out this little lot and consider them in your design ideas. As always, we would love to receive photos of our customers in their finished garments and you could soon feature in your very own Platinum Bridal Fabrics news article!

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