The Wait is Over!

Ever since we introduced two of our latest lace designs we have been receiving impatient emails asking when the materials will be available. Well, your dedicated team here at Bridal Fabrics have pulled a few strings and managed to get an emergency shipment of both Porsha and Kiri lace and you can order yours today…

It was no surprise to us that these two divine designs made such a big impression. Our bridal fabric sourcing team knew instantly that both Porsha and Kiri were perfect additions to our collection and your response has confirmed their expert instinct.

When it comes to favourites, it seems that our customers were torn between the two and were 50-50 split. Some of you came right out and admitted that you couldn’t even choose a favourite and that you might have to have both. If you missed the introductory article and you don’t know what all the fuss is about, prepare to be amazed!

Porsha Ivory Embroidered Lace

As light as candy floss, this buoyant lace is for a confident, exuberant and dramatic bride. Pure femininity exudes from the material, which has a luxurious heavy drape despite its featherlight weight.

Three-dimensional flowers adorn this heavenly lace, bringing a contemporary edge that is the height of fashion all over the haute couture scene. Each flower is firmly attached to the fabric and establishes a sense of organic harmony that will hold everyone’s attention.

Kiri Ivory Embroidered Lace

Everyone loves a little bit of luxury but Kiri ivory lace is for those who love a LOT! The lace has been formed into a mesh design, a geometric delight that catches the eye with real immediacy. The design helps create the perfect silhouette and its strong, repeating lines add a commanding, hypnotic edge.

The bold lines of the lace are softened with a selection of floral embellishments, which add a vintage appeal to the contemporary look. Carefully interwoven, the flowers bring the perfect touch to Kiri lace.

Order now and we will rush your lace to you!