The Most Luxurious Lace Fabrics

Decadent, luxurious and ornate, there are some wonderful exuberantly embellished laces to choose for the most sumptuous of wedding gowns.  If money is no object and sparkle is top of the agenda, check out these stunning lace fabrics...


It is hard to know quite where to start in describing this highly embellished fabric. An ivory tulle has been decorated with silver filigree wire some of which has been adorned with sequins, beads and diamantes. Strings of pearls in soft fluid curving movements have been surrounded by embroidered yarns, pearls and shimmering beads. Throughout the design are layered flowers, each with a diamante centralised. Simply stunning!


A heavily beaded exceptional lace of superior quality and design.  Featuring paisley shapes and exquisite ivory and gold beading and embroidery, this remarkable lace also features floral and leaf motifs with a dusting of gold beads all over the tulle base.  This really is for the choicest client and would be equally resplendent on an evening gown or a wedding dress.


An intricate and daring design bursting across the tulle base.  This heavily beaded lace combining ivory and champagne colours features, beads pearls and exuberant 3D flowers with individual petals.  This lace has a heavy handle and is an ebullient choice.

If you're looking for a heavily beaded lace we have plenty to choose from.  Browse more of our range here and get in touch for any information, advice or guidance.  We also offer free samples - simply click 'Request a Sample' on the product page.

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